The Boat Landing Guest House, Luang Namtha, Laos

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Chili Pastes

"Jeow" is essential to a Lao meal. The main ingredients are chili and salt. Nevertheless the variety of chili pastes is amazing. A secret to a good Jeow is that many of the ingredients are roasted. Some can be spicy, some sweet and others mild. Let us know how spicy you'd like your Jeow.

Egg Plant Jeow
Egg plant has a lovely flavor when roasted
Rattan Shoot Jeow
Yep, Rattan just like the furniture
Nam Pik Awng
With Pork or Tofu

A northern specialty made with tomatoes, soy bean paste and, of course, chili-our most popular

Young Chili Pepper Jeow
Made with roasted immature chili peppers.
Lemon Balm Jeow
Flavored with Lemon Balm—a zesty lemon flavored herb
Jeow Mak Gawk
Mak Gawk is a sour fruit gathered in the forest
Jeow Mak Ken
Roasted Mak Ken, a tingly peppery forest spice, roasted garlic, chili, and shallots
Akha Saw toothed herb Jeow
Roasted chili, garlic, shallots with Vietnamese mint, saw toothed herb, a pungent peppery herb
Akha Tomato Jeow
with fermented
soybean paste
Akha Lemon Grass Jeow
Roasted chili pounded with lemon grass
Fermented Soybean Wafers
Soybean paste ( similar to miso) sun dried with chilies
- Muang Sing specialty